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Vacations are something that everyone looks forward too. Let’s face it, everyone needs a break and everyone needs to recharge their batteries every once in a while. With today’s very busy lifestyle that revolves around gadgets and stuffs, it is a great idea to spend some time with the whole family in a place such as Phuket. With so many breathtaking beaches, amicable people, and very ideal sunny weather, Phuket resorts are the hottest venues to spend your tropical escapade.

The Holiday Inn Resort Phuket is one of the most popular villas in koh samui you should not miss out on. This is a very lively resort and is perfect for the whole family. Kids will surely love the warmth of the place and the many activities that they can engage on while here. Lots of physical activities are specially prepared for the children to help them enhance their social skills. Located at the heart of Patong Beach, this will give you a tropical experience unlike any other. Here, guests can take up cooking lessons that focus on Thai cuisines, head to the spa, and engage in some exciting resort activities. Aside from the cooking lessons, guests can also engage in ice carving activities, t-shirt painting, nail art, and a whole lot more.

Save Your Budget on Phuket Resorts

Perhaps one great thing about the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket is that it offers a wide range of accommodations. You can choose a deluxe room or be extravagant and stay on one of the villas. There is also a family suite—meant for everyone.

The Penthouse is a lavish living space that is meant for the most discerning guests. This is very sophisticated and will definitely make your stay even more memorable. The suite is decorated to perfection and boasts the most beautiful views you will ever see. Located in the most elevated location, being here is like being on top of the world—both literally and figuratively. The bathroom features a marble Jacuzzi tub and is very modern.

As it is one of the most famous Phuket resorts, the dining experience here is upscale and will satisfy all your cravings. Sam’s Steaks and Grills are for the hardcore meat lovers. The place is very posh, with European inspired surroundings that will surely help you enjoy your meals. Their fillet Wellington is a mouth watering treat that you will definitely enjoy. Imagine crusty bread and juicy meat inside. Yummy. Their goose liver terine is also another hit. It is delicately flavoured and prepared to perfection. Don’t forget to top your meal with a very good dessert. The lava cake is recommended for chocoholics. For those who would like to try Thai dishes, the Charm Thai Restaurant is a great place to have a meal. Sample their steamed fish curry as well as their prawns with glass noodles. The intricacy of the preparation and the well blended flavours will make you come back for more. The rustic ambience dominated by rich and warm colours will effectively fuel your appetite.

Kiteboarding Asia: Are You Ready for Kitesurfing?


Not everyone has the same idea of having fun. There are people who take pleasure in life’s simple offerings such as gazing at sunset, picking flowers, spending time with pets, and other laidback activities. For some people, what rings their bells is physical activity and being outdoors. For the natural daredevil, only those that involve a considerable amount of challenge will do. In terms of extreme sports, there are various activities you can try. There’s paragliding, motocross, and skydiving among others. The choice as to what is the most suitable activity for you depends on your preferences. For nature lovers and those who want to be at the mercy of the elements, there’s kitesurfing. This is a young sport and is popular in places where there are huge bodies of water. Tropical countries like Thailand are known to promote this sport. Before you sign up for a kiteboarding lessons in Phuket, make sure that you say yes to the following.

You are in a place that caters to the sport.

Obviously if you are interested in kitesurfing, you have to be on a spot that has facilities for it. Phuket is a kiteboarding capital in Asia and is an ideal place to take up kitesurfing in Thailand. Because it is surrounded with water, it has great grounds for kitesurfing.

You have some time to spare.

While a Phuket kitesurf school can teach the basics in a matter of hours and an independent course in a matter of days, you actually need more time than that to really get to have fun. The degree you can benefit from your lesson depends on how often you will be able to practice the sport.

You’re willing to spend.

There is a certain amount of money needed for kitesurfing and if you are interested in the sport, well to be blunt, you need to shell out some dollars or some bahts if you happen to be in Thailand. The price depends on the school.

You are physically ready.

A kiteboarding lesson is no joke and kitesurfing in general will really give your body a strenuous workout. Be sure that you have the chance to warm up to give the body a chance to acclimatize and be ready for serious action.

You are prepared to have fun and be addicted.

Like in the case of most water sports, kitesurfing is about the rush. Before you head to a kiteboarding school in Phuket, be warned that you’ll have a great time and you are at risk of falling head over heels in love with this particular sport. Once you get the hang of being dragged mercilessly by a big kite and gliding smoothly against the water, you’ll be hooked.

If you are thinking about learning how to kitesurf, Asia’s leading destination is Phuket, Thailand. At kitesurf school Phuket you can’t go wrong as some of the gurus who dedicated so much energy into this fun activity are all here. Prepare to have the best moments of your life as you kitesurf.